Strapping Machine

The strapping Machine easily straps products in cartons, boxes, or hard packages and acts as an ideal choice for commercial printing, general packing, lumber, newspaper printing, or magazine publishing.

What is a strapping machine?

Strapping machines are used to hold any product or box together. Most of the time the product has to be packed and sent from one place to another through transport. Therefore, while sending the goods, no item should come out broken or fallen. The machine tightly bundles the product to resist shaking during transport.

How to use a box strapping machine?

The Box Strapping Machine is very easy to operate and gives good output with very few resources. To use the box strapping machine, put the product on the table, then wrap a strap over it, then the machine pulls the strap and tightens the strap properly, and then seals it with the heat friction method and cuts- Straps on. And then in the same way the machine straps the other product as well. The box strapping machine is a very simple and single-man-operated machine that gives high output in a short period of time.

Strapping machines come in many different types:

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What is the benefit of strapping?

Features & Advantages of Automatic Strapping Machine: We also distribute fully-automatic strapping machines equipped with a smart detection feature enabling it to either be attached to an assembly line or can be operated individually.

  • It saves a lot of time and works well compared to manual strapping machines takes only 1.3 seconds to strap products with PP & PET Straps
  • Auto strap cutting and Heat Sealing system with low voltage usage.
  • Automatic Start & Stop function, Maintenance-free mechanism
  • Used for packaging bulk goods that need compression before packaging
  • Comes with PLC control which increases the Accuracy

Features & Advantages of Semi Automatic Strapping Machine:

The semi-automatic strapping machine is integrated with an advanced PCB control system, which also helps you save on power costs.

  • More user-friendly and More Power Saving
  • Comes with Strapping tension up to 50 kg
  • Strapping Speed 2 sec/strap
  • Strap Width 9, 12, 15 mm (Adjustable)

What is the Strapping Machine Price?

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