Semi Automatic Strapping Machine - Low Table Top

The small strapping machine or table top strapping machine is best suited for packages that are heavy or large.

It has an adjustable strap width with a 2mm thick stainless steel table top that is easy to operate and maintain.

This semi-automatic strapping machine is widely used in the electronics industry where the product height is big.

Technical Specification

Power 1 Phase, 110/220V, 50/60Hz
Strap Width 9, 12, 15 mm (Adjustable)
Strapping Tension 15 -50 kgs
Strapping Speed 2.0 sec. /Strap
BoxA  Size Min. 60 mm, Max “ Any Size
Top Thickness 2 mm Thickness (Stainless Steel)
Box Weight capacity Max 60 kg
Machine Size L 890 X W 425 X H 250 mm
Machine weight 97 kg net
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  • Advance PCB control
  • System 60 sec auto-stop
  • Wearing parts using extra hardening
  • Auto cutting “Limit switch/ Round Belt