Carton Sealing Machine

Carton sealing machine consists of automatic sealing mechanism that seals the top and bottom of the box with Bopp tape/kraft paper.

It aids in minimizing the product damage sustained in transit and thus, ensuring safe and secure product transportation.

Due to the machine’s high-speed feature, it can accelerate the packaging process and increases production output by eliminating uneven and double-taping concerns.

We are supplier of different type of carton sealing machines aka box packing machines across India for various applications that direct in ease in operation and function.

Carton taping machines are categorized into different categories depending on type of production and type of sealing required Based on above conditions Global Packaging Automation offers various carton sealers.

Standard top and bottom sealing machine (Manual adjustment for width and height)
Automatic carton sealing machine (Automatic Adjustment of width and height)
Flap folding carton sealing machine (Automatic Folding of top flaps)
Edge sealing machine ( Sealing all 4 edges/corners of boxes

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