For Pet / P Strap - Pneumatic

For all your heavy-duty strapping needs, a pneumatic pp pet strapping machine is the best choice. This tool has an ergonomic design and is extremely user-friendly so that a single person can use it with relative ease. A pneumatic strapping machine is made of high-quality stainless steel and provides a long operational life.

What is PET strap used for?

A Pet strap is a type of plastic strap, which is used to fasten products together and can be used for later storage, and also product transportation. It keeps the product safe and secure. It has very high strength and durability.

what is pneumatic strapping machine?

There are many types of strapping machines, but a pneumatic strapping machine uses air pressure to power the machine and strap the product.

How do you use a pneumatic strapping machine?

To use the pneumatic PP/PET strapping machine, put the product on the table, then wrap a strap over it, and put the end of the strap into the machine, then it pulls and tightens the strap, and then seals. All this happens in a fraction of a second.

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