Pallet Strapping Machine

Global Packaging Automation is a supplier of Pallet strapping machine, in these machines, the pallets are conveyed on conveyors and the automatic pallet strapping machine detects and straps the pallet. It can be used with either a PP strap or a PET strap. Packright’s advanced strapping head works with friction sealing technology which provides better sealing of straps and fulfills high-tension requirements for Pallet strapping applications. The strapping head developed on an electro-mechanical platform reduces the use of mechanical parts, which leads to less breakdown time and moving parts.

What is pallet strapping machine?

A pallet strapping machine or automatic pallet strapper is used to join and bind pallets together by means of PP or PET straps. Poly Ethylene Terephthalate (PET) Strap is used in an Automatic Pallet Strapping Machine to fasten the pallets firmly from each direction and prepare the product for further shipment.

Usually, pallet strapping machines are used to bind pallets together for transportation. The strapping helps keep the pallet in place and allows the goods to be transported easily and without wear and tear.

How do you attach a strapping to a pallet? Or How do you poly strap a pallet?

Simply, we have to put the pallets into the Semi Automatic Pallet Strapping Machine or Vertical Pallet Strapping Machine and the machine automatically feeds the strap to the placed pallets, and with advanced technology it straps the pallets from all directions with perfect tension.

What is pallet strapping made from?

Pallet strapping, the strap is made of polyester (Poly Ethylene Terephthalate) which is a type of plastic, and it has the strength of steel and is lightweight. PET strap does not rust and does not leave any marks on the body of the pallet, plus it is very strong and durable.

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