Semi-Automatic Top And Bottom Carton Sealing Machine

A semi-automatic carton sealing machine seals the top and bottom of the box with Bopp tape/Kraft paper/Glue sealing.

The user can have the option to select the type of sealing required on the box, the tapping head of the machine changes accordingly
Below are some sealing options available for the User:-
1) BOPP tape
2) Kraft paper tape
3) Glue sealing
The user has to manually adjust the height and width of boxes as per changes in Box sizes. Generally, Semi-automatic carton sealers are preferred for Batch Production.
Global Packaging Automation carton sealers also offer a wide variety of features like
1) Automatic Box counter
2) Auto start/stop feature
3) Low-tape alarm
4) Safety features
The machines can be customized as per your application and box dimensions to get accurate sealing and uniform finish of boxes.
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