Semi-Automatic Top And Bottom Carton Sealing Machine - PR FJ 1D

The PR FJ 1D is an automatic carton box sealing machine. It can package cartons, cases with plastic and wood packages.

It has a feature to adjust for different carton widths and heights, the top and side belt drives move the package forward through the machine while the operator folds the flaps and pushes the carton to the belt area. Moving forward, the taping head seals the top and bottom of the carton box.

This machine is used for sealing in all industries e.g. beverage, chemical, commodity, food, medical.

Technical Specification

power supply 1P 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz 400W
machine dimensions L970mm W890mm — H table height+750mm
machine weight 190 Kg
table height 530mm~750mm (adjustable)
convey speed 19M/min
carton dimensions L 150~ a % mm, 180mm~600)mm,H 120~480 % mm
adhesive tape spec 48~72mm
adhesive tape material kraft paper,or,BOPP
electric components motor Taiwan Luson
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