Case Erectors - PR 20 TX

The PR 20TX is an automatic case erector machine. The machine is used for forming boxes from their collapsed corrugated form.

This machine is built for heavy usage and can achieve speeds of up to 12 boxes/min. The machine can also be customized as per your requirements of carton dimensions or tape size.

The PR 20TX is ideal for multiple box sizes and processes cartons in a quick and easy manner and needs little manual involvement.

Technical Specification

Machine model number PR -20 TX
voltage 1P 220V 50HZ (optional)
Machine size (L/ W/ H) L2425×W1855×H1300mm
Worktable height 650mm (standard) – 1000mm (maximum, customer-made)
Tape Bopp tape or draft paper tape
Tape size (This standard machine is for tape in 48mm. The machine can be customer
Power 0.4 KW
Air supply ≥6Kgf/cm
protective power supply IP54
noise ≤75DB
Environment condition Humidity ≥98%, Temperature -10℃~40℃
working speed 0-12 case /min