Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine - PR ROBO – Robotic Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine

The PR ROBO 600 is a robotic pallet stretch wrapping machine with CE certification. This robotic machine has a PLC control board and LCD for ease of use.

It has a height sensor for detecting pallet height and automatically adjusting for it. The battery charger and indicator facilitate for power efficiency and energy saving in the machines operation.

The top and bottom cycles are adjustable; the machine is small and hence extremely mobile.

Technical Specification

Power Supply (Battery charge Power ) 1P AC220V/110V 50/60Hz
Battery Information Weight – weight:43+1k size:L407mmxW174mmxH216mm
Charge time- charge 8 hours can wrap 200 pallets
Age- can charge 800 times
Wrapping Height 2400 mm ( Customization available )
Turn Table Dia
Rotation Speed 90 m/min
Minimum Pallet Size 600 x 600
Film Stretching Unit Power pre-stretch: 300% & 230% two step change by handle (250% and 200% option)


  • The machine is small and easily carried
  • Battery charger and battery indicator
  • Height sensor for detecting pallet height
  • Top and bottom cycles adjustable
  • PLC control and LCD text operate, reliable performance and easy to use. it can
  • preset wrap-mode and parameter as needed
  • DC driver controls working speed
  • With variable frequency soft starting and soft position function, the wrapping
  • It has CE certification
  • High efficiency and energy saving