Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine - PR FG 2000 BW

The PR 2000BW is a pallet stretch wrapping machine with power pre-stretch technology. It machine has an advanced PCB control board with photo electric switch for controlling the height.

A horse shoe turntable ensures easy insertion of forklift and hand truck. This machine is best suited for stretch wrapping heavy pallets and does not need a ramp for it.

You can control the speed, stretch-ability and wrapping cycles as per your needs and preferences.

Technical Specification

Power Supply 1P 220V 50Hz European Plug
Column Height 2400 mm
Wrapping Height 2100 mm ( Optional upto to 2700 meter)
Turn Table Dia 1500 mm ( optional upto 2000 mm )
Width of Forklift Mouth 600 mm
Direction of Forklift Mouth Left Side
Rotation Speed 0-10r/min (Option)
Capacity 2000 Kgs
Film Stretching Unit Film tension can be automatically modified by frequency regulation(Pre-Stretch)


  • European Technology for Power Pre- Stretch Mechanism.
  • Sensor Test Pallet Height.
  • Suitable for Heavy Pallets
  • Soft Start/Stop
  • Photo Electric Switch controls the height.
  • Stretch-ability 300%
  • Horse Shoe Turntable for easy insertion of Forklift & Hand Truck.
  • No need of Ramp
  • Control panel for Controlling speed, stretch-ability and wrapping cycles as per customer preference