Automatic/Random Carton Sealing Machine - PR FJ3B – Automatic Random Flap Folding Carton Sealing Machine

The PR FJ 3B is an automatic online carton sealing machine with a side belt drive. It can be connected to a fully automated production/packaging line and can be operated with minimal manual supervision.

It has side and bottom conveyor belts that move the packages along the machine and automatically seal the carton’s top and bottom flaps.

This machine can automatically adjust for different carton dimensions. Additionally, it also has a control panel for sealing operations ensuring a uniform and clean finish on the box.

Technical Specification

Power & Voltage 3P 380V 50HZ 1.2KW
Carton Dimension L(250-500 x W (190 – 450) x H (130-400) mm
Covey Speed 27 Meter /Per Min
Tape Size (Kraft Paper /Bopp Tape) 48 mm – 72 mm
Carton Weight Capacity 40 Kg
Air Pressure 0.5MPa~0.6MPa
Machine Color Dark Grey+ Red


  • Automatically adjustment of different carton width and height
  • Automatically convey & seal carton Top & Bottom
  • Automatic folding of top flaps
  • Side Belt Drive
  • Can be connected with fully automatic production Line
  • Precision sealing of tape which leads to uniform and clean finish on the box
  • With infeed and outfeed conveyor (Optional )
  • Auto-cut feature (Optional)
  • Safety guard for preventing injury
  • Control Panel for command accuracy