Fully Automatic Strapping Machine - PR 305 W – For 5mm Strapping

The PR 305W is a fully automatic strapping machine preferred by our partners for its proven efficiency in smaller packaging.

This strapping machine has a PCB control board and can be operated in combination with other machines for unmanned production.

The machine comes with with a hand and foot switch for steady operation. An external tape reel facilitates fast tape change for undisturbed packaging.

Technical Specification

Model GP-305W
Power Source 1Phase/ 220V/50-60HZ/0.6KW
Packing Speed 50path/min
Tension Force 0-45kg
Hot-adhering Position Bottom
Table Height 850mm
Frame 1. Standard Size: Width 650mm X Height 500mm (inner size)
2. Material: Iron frame (It’s possible to customize size)
Applicable Strap Width 5-9mm Thickness(0.5-0.8)mm
Applicable Strap Spool Inner Dia.:210mm
Packing Type Parallel 1~several, manual packing ,continual packing, foot switch
Electrical Configuration PC board control
Button Switch French
Middle Relay French Schneidera
Motor Chinese MEIWA DC Motor
Sensor Switch And Proximity Switch : German
Machine Dimensions L1180mm W620mm H1450mm
Noise 75DB
Environment Condition Humidity 98%, temperature 0-40
Bottom Adhesion Adhesive surface 90%, adhesive width 20%, deviation of adhesive position 2mm
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