Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine - PR FG 2000A mechanical stretch

The PR FJ 2000A is a semi-automatic mechanical pallet stretch wrapping machine that gives the right quality, clean and uniform finishing on every pallet.

The films’ tension can be manually modified with the attached hand grip as per the requirements.

This stretch wrapping machine requires minimum maintenance and is easy to operate, thus saving time and labor costs.

Mechanical stretch gives 150% stretch-ability.

Technical Specification

Machine technical data PR-FG-2000A
Power supply 1P AC220V 50Hz 1KW (anti-stretch)
Rotation speed 0-10r/min (option)
Lifting unit Photoelectric switch controls the height
 Sensors can sense upto 2100 mm of any pallet
A Film-stretching unit Film tension can be manually modified by hand grip (mechanical anti-stretch)
Film tension can be modified by magnetic brake (magnetic anti-stretch)
A Capacity Turntable: I¦ 1500 mm 1500 kg;
Turntable: I¦ 1650 mm 2000 kg
Max package weight: 2000Kg. >2000kg (custom-made is available)
Column Height Total height of column – 2400mm
Weight of the machine 650Kg
Attachment Ramp (option)A
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Technical Specification

  • 150% stretch-ability
  • Quality, clean and uniform Finishing on each and every pallet.
  • Time and labour cost saved
  • Easy Operation
  • Maintenance Free machine ( mechanical side ) i.e Minimum maintenance