Fully Automatic Strapping Machine - PR 101E

The PR 101E is a fully automatic box strapping machine, it is equipped with a touch screen for easier operation and user friendly.

The machine has a modern PCB control switch with a built in emergency stop switch, the strapping machine has an automatic malfunction detection system.

This state of the art machine can be hooked up with your assembly line and can work with minimal human intervention.

Technical Specification

Power 1 Phase, 220 V, DC motor
Strap Width 9/12 mm
Strapping Tension 0-50 Kg (Adjustable)
Strapping Speed 2.00 sec/strap, 28-30 path/cycle
Box  Size L(200- ∞) W(≤750) H(≤500)mm
Top Thickness 3 mm Stainless Steel
Box Weight capacity 80 Kg max
Machine Size L1380 X W620 X H1450 mm
Machine weight NW-142 Kg
Arch 1. Standard Size: Width 800 mm X Height 600 mm. Material: aluminium alloy


  • Touch Screen Control
  • PCB Control System
  • Electronic Tension With Emergency
  • Stop Switch
  • Auto Malfunction Detection System
  • Strap counter