Online Strapping Machine - PR 105B+PR FJ 1 AWE -Combination Strapping + Tapping Machine

PR-105B is an automatic Pallet strapping machine, the pallets are conveyed on conveyors and the machine automatically detects and straps the pallet, it can be used with either PP strap or PET strap.

PackRight’s advanced strapping head works with friction sealing technology which provides better sealing of straps and fulfils high tension requirements for Pallet strapping applications.

The strapping head developed on electro-mechanical platform reduces use of mechanical parts, which leads to less breakdown time and moving parts

Technical Specification

Power Supply 1P 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz 400W
Machine Dimensions L970mm×W890mm×H (Table height+750mm)
Machine Weight 190 kg
Table Height 530mm~750mm (adjustable)
Conveyor Speed 19M/min
Carton Dimensions L(150~∞)mm, W(180mm~600)mm, H(120~480)mm
Adhesive tape specification 48~72mm
Adhesive tape material Kraft paper, or, BOPP


  • Manual adjustment for different carton width & height
  • Side Belt Drive
  • Automatically convey and seal carton top & bottom
  • Cabinet door thickness : 2 mm & Top Thickness – 3 mm
  • Color : Dark Grey + Red