Online Strapping Machine - PR 512 R – High Speed Automatic Strapping Machine

The PR 512R is a fully automatic strapping machine with belt Drive. It comes equipped with an advanced PCB microchip circuit board system and touch screen control panel for ease of use.

PR-512R is a high speed box strapping machine with a speed of 50 straps/minute with high accuracy due to its newly designed German Strapping Head.

It can be easily integrated with conveyor lines and used in unmanned end-line packaging solutions.

Technical Specification

Power Supply 220V 50/60Hz 1PH 0.6kW 4A
Iron Arch Size W 850 mm x H 600 mm
Strap Width 12 mm
Strapping Tension 0-45 Kgs (Adjustable)
Strapping Speed For 12 mm – 50 straps/minute
Carton weight Capacity 80 Kgs Max


  • Fully Automatic unmanned strapping machine, Table with Power Rollers
  • Automatic detection, Automatic packaging, automatic transmission, high efficiency work
  • Easy Integration with Online packaging Lines
  • Auto Strap Feeding
  • DC brushless motor
  • Auto Strap Ejector
  • Advanced PCB microchip circuit board system