Online Strapping Machine - PR SQ450 PR 305 R – Corrugated Squaring And Strapping Machine

The PR SQ450 is an automatic squaring machine, This machine is used for high speed automatic squaring operations, majorly in the corrugation industry.

It has a control panel for easy integration with your packaging line and is capable of automatic adjusting as per box dimensions.

The PR SQ450 is made of high quality parts and has a heavy structure ready for heavy duty production.

This machine is suited to perform best with the automatic strapping machine PR 350R for use in the corrugated box manufacturing industry.

Technical Specification

Power Supply 1Phase/ 220V/50-60HZ/1.0KW,7A
Strapping Speed 45 Straps/ minute
Conveyor Speed 40 meters/minute
Arch Size 1250 x 500 mm
(Workable size – 1050 mm x 450 mm)
Strap Size 9 mm
Number of strapping 1-2 straps , parallel
Air Pressure 0.4~0.6 MPa


  • DC brushless Motor (German Technology )
  • High speed Strapping
  • Top press for compression
  • Automatic Strap feeding
  • Automatic Strap eject
  • Easy integration with packaging Line
  • Automatic detection, Automatic packaging, automatic transmission, high efficiency work
  • Alarm System in case of malfunction