Robot stretch wrapping machine

Robotic Stretch-Wrapping Machines

The best method of securing goods in transit is by using a stretch wrap for packages, which limit their movement and thereby, avoiding any potential damage. Despite its well-established advantages, the task of stretch wrapping is laborious and is known to occupy significant labour and time of the packaging operation. The invention of robotic stretch-wrapping machines has presented itself as a solution to this issue.

robotic pallet stretch wrapping machine

A robotic stretch-wrapping machine has different models, each one approaches the stretch wrapping operation differently. There is a turntable robot which revolves around a package in order to wrap it with a film. The wrapping assembly is mounted on a vertical bar and allows the up and down movement to wrap the packages that are tall. Another model has a platform where the package is placed. While the entire wrapping assembly is stationary, the platform rotates and allows the package to be wrapped. A vertical movement is also possible in this design.

The foremost benefit of a robotic stretch-wrapping machine is the ability to perform the entire operation in a considerably short time. With a rotational speed of 90 rpm, these machines can wrap about 25 packages in an hour. There are customization options to adjust the speed as per the need. These battery-operated roots can run for 6-8 hours for a stretch.

Besides saving labour costs, robotic stretch-wrapping machines are battery-powered and come with wheels, which saves the trouble of bringing the product that needs to be wrapped, to the machine. Instead, because they are portable, they can be carried around the warehouse for wrapping. These machines also provide considerable saving of funds on the film. In manual operations, films cannot be sufficiently stretched to thrice their length, but with robotic machines, this operation is a piece of cake. As no operator is required to accompany the equipment, workers are spared a range of injuries and muscle strain that may arise while performing such a task.

The operation of a robotic stretch-wrapping machine is smooth and once the installation is done, it does not involve too many technicalities. Although the initial cost of a robotic stretch-wrapping machine is quite high, the benefits reaped over the course of time are far more than the capital investment. The manufacturers usually provide adequate guidance and services, in case the need for troubleshooting arises. A range of nuts, bolts, bearings, etc. are mostly provided along with the machine, which can be replaced from time to time for maintenance purposes.

A robotic stretch-wrapping machine, due to its many benefits, is a sagacious investment, especially in an era when packaging businesses have seen a boom and are expected to continue flourishing in the years to come.

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