Stretch Wrapping Machine

What is a stretch wrapper machine? In the packaging line, one of the main reasons to use a stretch wrapping machine is to unitize the package load for effortless shipment and safeguard the product from moisture, dust, and water during transit. Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine allows you to accomplish quick delivery of goods in addition to being considered cost-effective.

We distribute two kinds of stretch wrapping machines: pallet stretch wrapping machines and carton stretch wrapping machines. While the pallet stretch wrapping machine wraps big pallets and objects while the carton stretch wrapping machine is easy to operate and is mainly used to pack small, and medium-sized things in a carton.

What are the types of automatic stretch wrapping machine?

There are two types of stretch wrapping machines: Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine and Carton Stretch Wrapping Machine

How much does a stretch wrapper cost?

A Stretch Wrapping Machine costing starts from rs. 90,000 to 2,75,000. Depends on the type of machinery and its features.

How does stretch wrap work?

The stretch wrapping consists of a thin film of stretchable plastic which is used to wrap around a container, the stretch film can be stretched up to 300%. And there are two types of stretch wrapping systems 1. We can manually wrap a container 2. We can use automatic stretch wrapping machines.

How do you use a stretch wrap machine and stretch wrap pallets?

To use the stretch wrapping machine place all the items in an orderly manner and then attach one side wrapping film to the placed item then start the automatic wrapping machine it will start wrapping the item from the base and go to the top. Make sure that Pallets are tightly wrapped for product protection.

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