Carton Stretch Wrapping Machine - PR FG 800B

The PR FG 800B is one of its kind carton stretch wrapping machine that is easy to operate. It is mostly used to pack small and medium-sized objects in a carton and has a cylinder pressure to pack them.

The rotating platform can pack cartons/objects up to 80kgs and is capable of speeds up to 20rotations/min.

Technical Specification

Power 1P AC220V /110V ,50/60Hz,0.5KW
Speed of turntable 0-20r/min
Table height 650mm
Dia. of turntable I¦400 mm
Machine size L 1150 * W 400 * H 1400 mm
Wrapping height 400 ~500 mm; 500 ~ 850 mm
Capacity 80kg
Film 500 mm, out diameter I¦280 mm
Make PackRight


  • It adopts cylinder presser to pack small and medium-sized objects packed in carton box or directly palletized onto the rotating platform (Pneumatic)
  • 250% stretch-ability
  • Higher yield of stretch film
  • Quality, clean and uniform Finishing on each and every pallet.
  • Time and labour cost saved
  • Easy Operation
  • Maintenance Free machine (mechanical side) i.e Minimum maintenance