Hand steel strapping machine

Purpose of Steel Strapping Hand Tools

For the longest time now, the packaging industry has relied upon hand tools to pack and secure goods for shipping. The advent of automatic machines has not fully replaced the application of these tools, as they can still be used for specific purposes. Being portable, they provide more flexibility during operations and thus, are popular in the industry.

Among hand tools, some are specifically designed to fasten heavy loads containing large machinery, heavy metallic structures etc. These are called steel strapping hand tools that utilize a steel strap, which is otherwise difficult to work with. Although plastic straps are a preferable choice, steel straps have their own usability, especially for companies that regularly deal with heavy-duty shipping. It is essential for such kinds of shipment to be secured with a stronger strap, and this is the reason why steel strapping hand tools are used in many industries.

Steel strapping tools, such as tensioners, sealers and cutters, perform a single operation. Three different tools are used to accomplish the tasks of tensioning, sealing and cutting. Another option is to purchase a multi-purpose tool that performs all the three functions in one go. These are collectively called manual tools, which are great for time efficiency. They provide flexible movement to the operation, as they can be carried anywhere to perform the packaging operation. However, the operators need to be well-trained in using these, as there are chances of injury, especially while working with steel straps, which have sharp edges.

On the contrary, pneumatic steel strapping tools have less flexibility but are more convenient to use. These air-operated tools are also safer to work with. A business may invest into either one of the above steel strapping hand tools, depending upon the nature of its goods.

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