Recyclable PET Strap for Sustainable Strapping Solutions

With sustainability being the new focus for the packaging industry, there have been many innovations when it comes to the production use of existing equipment, with one of the latest additions being the recyclable PET strap. Made of polyethylene terephthalate, the use of recyclable PET strap has resulted in more sustainable strapping, which is a widely-used operation for packaging and shipping.

The basic principle of preparing a recyclable PET strap is to use waste plastic bottles for the production of straps. The bottles are collected and broken down into smaller flakes called regrind. These are dried first, before getting converted into flakes. The resulting product is then melted, which results in the formation of pallets. The PET straps are made using these pallets. Once this strap is used for a specific purpose, it can be recycled to make another product.

There are many advantages of replacing regular straps with PET straps, with the foremost one being the option of recycling, which saves the environment from the detrimental effects of plastic. Another advantage is reduced soil pollution, which is a consequence of the continuous use of non- recyclable plastic. Also, this production process results in lower carbon emissions as compared to the other processes that are used for making plastic straps. This is yet another factor that helps in reducing environmental costs involved in industrial processes.

Considering the many benefits of recyclable PET straps, it is only wise to include them in the packaging line. Recyclability of this material does not compromise on the functionality of this strap in any way, thus making it a viable strapping option.

robotic pick and place machine

Importance of Robotic Pick and Place Machines

Pick and place robots are commonplace in many industries. These robotic systems may be employed for various reasons. A robotic pick and place machine can be assembled in a packaging line to place products or packages from one conveyor to another, where a product undergoes a different type of operation. This can also be used to place the product directly into the packaging container.

robotic pick and place machine

There are also some vision pick and place robots, which are equipped to spot the defective items, before subsequently removing them from the supply line. The different purposes for which these robots are used highlight their importance across industries to a large extent. However, there are several more benefits that come with the installation of these systems, with the foremost one being efficiency. The placement of these robots in the packaging line has made the process of packaging many times quicker, with one of these systems being able to place nearly 100 products per minute. It goes without saying that this type of efficiency directly translates into financial gains, as more products can be delivered in the same amount of time.

Another reason to use robotic pick and place robots is the consistency with which they can perform a given task. The frequency of errors is infinitesimally small, which improves the overall production quality. The vision robots are meticulous in identifying defective objects, which adds to the quality of production. To summarize the significance of robotic pick and place machines, they can be a great tool for having a high return on investment.

Importance of Packaging Solutions in Food Industry

Packaging is an essential operation in the food industry which uses a variety of solutions to carry out cartooning, shrink wrapping, pelleting, capping, labelling, etc. The good news about these packaging solutions is that a number of automated machines are now available to perform most of these functions.

The need for packaging in the food industry is crucial for more reasons than one. The foremost reason why food packaging is done is to ensure consumers’ safety. There are many food safety guidelines and laws that have been put down to ensure safe delivery of food. Food may be exposed to external conditions at various points before reaching the hands of a consumer, and there is a possibility or chance of contamination at each one of these points. Food packaging is the perfect solution to address the safety requirement by creating a barrier between the product and any possible source of contamination.

Another reason for which the food industry needs packaging solutions is to prevent the spoilage of food. Many food items are perishable in nature and some of these need to be transported to a long-distance destination. Delivering such items to consumers would be impossible without the guarantee of safe packaging. The food industry has appropriately designed packaging material for each type of product, based upon certain requirements . Some of these materials even provide certain atmospheric parameters that keep the food fresh.

Last but not the least, food packaging, with its labelling, provides important information about its quality and safety. Food labelling matters the most to customers who pay attention to what they are consuming. Food labelling contains specific information about calories, ingredients, validity and allergy warnings, among several other details. Food companies are legally required to sell food with all the necessary information. Apart from that, food packaging attracts customers. Many consumers tend to buy food with the most appealing packaging, especially when they are buying a product for the first time. So, packaging in the food industry cannot be neglected. It is due to all these reasons that the food industry needs appropriate packaging solutions, which can help companies pack food in the most efficient and safe manner, before delivering it to the customers without any contamination.

case erector machine

Rising Demand of Robotic Case Erectors in Indian Market

Introduction of robotics has revolutionized all sectors but the effect is more pronounced in industries where heavy-duty tasks comprise operations in bulk. Incorporation of robotics into automatic case erectors is a recent addition, and this change has plenty to offer in terms of efficiency.

case erector machine

The growth of robotics case erectors is primarily driven by the increase in demand of packaged products, for which projections have shown a continuation of this trend. To meet the demands, higher efficiency is needed more than ever. The robotic case erectors are available in different configurations where it is possible to assemble 10-30 boxes per minute depending on the model. This has enhanced the efficiency of secondary packaging operations. Furthermore, labour efficiency has increased with the possibility of a high degree of automation. This has reduced the labour requirement and even eliminated the troublesome scenarios of workers getting strained from repetitive movements.

Another factor adding to the increased demand of robotic case erectors is an emphasis on paper-based packaging material as a means for environment-friendly commerce. Cardboard boxes in today’s scenario are indispensable, as they are cheap and offer a green alternative. This has necessitated most industries to adopt practices that would keep them at par with their competitors. The arrival of this technology has also accentuated benefits that were not so
obvious earlier. One of these benefits is the removal of regular maintenance operations. The automated case erectors, despite their numerous merits, require regular maintenance and scheduled servicing. Such tasks are not much needed in a robotic case erector, thus making it a more preferable choice.

Case erectors that are equipped with robotic arms have convenient designs that have now been perfected to manoeuvre even small-sized boxes, which otherwise seems like a challenging task, as more meticulous movements are required to do so. It is also easy to operate them, as the equipment comes with a detailed manual and a highly qualified customer support team that can guide one through every step. The operation is rather simple, so that even the ones who are not tech-savvy find it easy to work with.

All in all, the benefits of robotic case erectors are multi-faceted and their market demand has surged in recent times. The only factor that hampers the graph of this equipment is the high initial investment, which may be a deciding factor for small businesses. However, there is no denying the fact that this technology is here to stay because of its unparalleled advantages.