What are the 5 reasons for packaging?

Packaging is the art and science of extending a protective layering to a product or
commodity, for convenient transport, storage, logistics, and sale. It is widely regarded as an
important marketing subset, which aids the seller in minimizing external damage to the
product. Packaging can also be described as the wrapping material or box covering a
consumer item, to hold, identify, label, promote and make it marketable.

At Global Packaging, with its state-of-the-art equipment, the goal of achieving well-
contained and effortless packaging is attained through sealing machines, strapping machines
and wrapping machines.

The following are the five main reasons why we need packaging:

1) Safeguarding

Owing to weather conditions like cold, heat, rains or moisture, in addition to the process of
transportation, warehousing, shifting and handling, the protection or safeguarding of products
becomes supremely important. This is where packaging comes into play, by ensuring that not
only is the product safe but it is also kept from getting adulterated or tampered with.

after end line packaging transporting goods

2) Ease of Handling

A well-packaged product is easier to handle and store from a logistical and consumer
standpoint. Imagine if a product is delivered without being packed, as it goes through the
different stages of transportation. There are high chances it would reach its destination in a
damaged condition. A packaged product is also better in terms of utilising space more evenly
and reducing the time and efforts spent in loading and unloading it, especially all the products
are packed in the same manner.

3) Distribution

The process of distribution facilitates the transport of a product from the manufacturing unit
to the place of purchase, and finally to the consumer. During this process of distribution, the
packaging used by the seller for transportation is different from the one used for selling, to
help aid the consumer.

4) Identification

When a product is packaged and labelled, it allows the customer to identify it more clearly
and differentiate it from the remaining products in the market. Packaging also helps the
customer in getting the brand message, along with all the other required information about
the product before making a purchase.

5) Unique Appeal

Good packaging lends an aesthetic value to the product since it holds the potential to make
even an ordinary product look extraordinary. An attractively designed package naturally
becomes easier to market, in a way that it becomes a touchpoint to make or break the sale of a
product. An important part of a brand’s marketing strategy, the way a product is packaged
has a direct impact on its promotion and sale.

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