carton packing machine manufacturer in india

Carton packing machine manufacturer in India

The carton-sealing machine is mainly used to efficiently fold and
seal the cardboard carton. Sealing both the top and bottom of a box, carton-sealing machines
act as a time-saving mechanism, especially in areas where there are high volumes of boxes
that need to be packed and dispatched every day. Carton-sealing machines usually make use of
standardized tape to maintain uniformity and precision in sealing boxes and cartons.
However, there are different types of carton-sealing machines adhering to the requirement of
every business.

At the bottom, you can find the carton packing machine manufacturer in India and the machines provided by them.

  1. Semi-Automatic Uniform Carton Sealer

A semi-automatic uniform carton sealer is a basic metallic structure with metal rollers
holding its lower sealing head. The lower sealing head is, in turn, attached to a metallic
bridge that supports the upper sealing head. While a semi-automatic uniform carton sealer
incorporates several manual functions, it optimizes the time and effort that are otherwise
spent on a fully manual carton sealer.

Semi-Automatic Top And Bottom Carton Sealing Machine - Xt -551 TB

2. Semi-Automatic Random Case Sealer

Offering a simple and easy way to seal cases of random sizes, semi-automatic random
case sealers, unlike automatic random case sealers, require an operator to fold the top
flaps of the box. Once folded, the operator feeds the packages into the case sealer to begin
the sealing process. Semi-automatic random case sealers are ideal for businesses with a
moderate packaging volume. Once sealed, finished boxes are then fed out the back of the
machine to an employee or conveyor system.

Carton Sealing Machine With Top Flap Folding - PR FJ 3A

3. Automatic Random Carton Sealer

Cases of different sizes are fed into the machine with their flaps open, and a semi-automatic random
carton sealer provides a fully automated, case-sealing packaging solution. The automated
arms then gauge the height of the box, following which the system folds the top flaps of
every package. Semi-automatic random carton sealers, that seal 15-20 cases per minute, are
designed for high-volume packaging.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is PR-FJ-3B-1.jpg

4. Uniform Automatic Carton Sealer

Consisting of a metal basic structure reinforced with a lower sealing head inserted in a
section of metal rollers, a uniform automatic case sealer is attached to a metallic bridge that
supports the upper sealing head. With the adjustment in height and width being manual,
formed boxes are taken by a belt system conveying longitudinally through the machine for
fast closing upper and lower flaps.

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