PR-1T Battery-Operated Strapping Tool

Hand tools remain a popular choice for strapping and sealing in many packaging businesses. Due to their flexibility, even the bigger businesses have retained them for numerous operations. Among all the hand tools, the PR-1T model is the most widely used one across industries, which has various features to help with the smooth running of a strapping operation.


The PR-1T battery-operated strapping tool is a multi-purpose tool equipped with tensioning, cutting and sealing functions. It is a lightweight tool that makes it easy to handle while adding to the safety of operation. In high-volume strapping businesses, this tool is helpful in reducing the strain on hands due to repetitive motions. It also has a provision for a digital interface, which allows the user to adjust the settings for tensioning force and other parameters. It is also useful in indicating the battery status of the operation where the user is notified of low battery with a warning sign on the screen. This version also has a power-saving mode where the tool shuts down, in case no movement is detected for a good 30 seconds.


The PR-1T battery-operated strapping tool has a long-lasting battery which can be used to perform 280 cycles when the battery is fully charged. It takes a total of 90 minutes to recharge the battery again. The tool comes with a spare battery which can be used if the existing battery runs out in the middle of the operation. The tool is suitable for use with a strap width ranging between 12 and 19 mm and thickness ranging between 0.5 and 1.2 mm. The tensioning force is adjustable and can be adjusted to anywhere between 400 and 1200 N depending upon the type of package. Additionally, it can be used with a polypropylene or a polyethylene strap.

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