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How to carry out maintenance of your Strapping Machine

A strapping machine is a complex equipment whose operation requires coordination of various elements. It is also one of the regularly-used pieces of equipment in the packaging industry. Due to this, its maintenance is of immense significance.


The foremost factor to consider when it comes to the maintenance of strapping machines is having a trained operator. The working of the strapping machine may be complex, but people can be easily trained for this and it is advisable to have designated operators who have the technical know-how.

Besides the basic premise of trained personnel operating strapping machines, there are certain maintenance points which an operator should be taught. The strapping machines should be cleaned daily after operation. It is ideal to always remove the unused strap and put it back on the reel at the end of the day, especially if a machine is not to be used for a few days or more. The straps may otherwise develop a bent that can create a problem in dispensing them later. The strapping machines collect a lot of dust everyday, so cleaning should be done carefully to avoid any jams during operation. It is also important to turn off the machine after use.


Lubrication is another important aspect in the maintenance process. Some components require lubrication before and after the operation, making this step indispensable. The gear box requires regular changing of oil, which should happen once a month for some machines, but this requirement may vary for different models, so it is wise to either ask an expert or refer to the manual guide. Some manufacturers also recommend sticking to a certain maintenance routine, after a specific number of straps have been used. For instance, vacuuming the interior of a machine may be needed after every 15,000 straps, but it must be kept in mind that these specifications vary, which makes it
crucial to read the instruction manual thoroughly to check the maintenance tasks that need to be performed at a regular interval.

Some other maintenance tasks may include checking and cleaning the heating elements and checking clutch gaps and blades, among other things. It should be noted that the cleaning of heating elements is of utmost importance, but the activity should be carried out only when they elements have cooled down completely, to avoid any injury, as the high temperatures can cause a severe burn. Some operations such as changing the electrical outlet socket or switching to a different strap width assembly should be performed only by trained personnel. The operator should ensure the strap remnants be removed from the strapping machine, to avoid the jamming of the strap. Last but not the least, the maintenance manual should be read carefully to learn about the frequency and type of maintenance tasks to be performed.

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