Automatic edge carton sealing machine

Advantages of Edge Carton Sealing Machine

Every other operation for secure packaging is automated today, right from carton erecting to sealing. The last step before shifting the boxes in the transit vehicle, is the sealing of boxes using an industrial grade tape. This operation ensures the carton boxes would not open or get damaged during the transit.

A sealed packaging is likely to win a customer’s trust, as customers are more likely to invest in a company that caters to their demand of a secure delivery. This otherwise laborious task is performed using an edge carton sealing machine.

There are various reasons which prove the significance of installing an edge sealing machine. especially if you are in the packaging business.

Labour Cost Saving

Sealing the carton boxes manually can be time-consuming. A box needs to be maneuvered in certain ways, which can be challenging if the contents are too heavy. Even for lightweight boxes, this operation slows down the process of packaging. High-volume businesses direct a considerable amount of labour into sealing, but with an automated machine, this operation is completed within seconds.

Efficient Use of Material

Manual sealing is not as effective as the one performed by an edge carton sealing machine. When done manually, sealing requires more tape to ensure an operation is effectively performed. On the other hand, edge-sealing machines can tape the edges using a limited amount of material which is more secure. Efficient use of the material translates well for a business, as there is significant input going into the purchase of industrial tape.

Higher Output

It goes without saying that automation is aimed at improving productivity. Due to an increase in digital platforms, packaging businesses have seen a boost in competition. This only pushes companies towards getting a competitive advantage. The most important method of doing so entails deploying automatic machines. An edge carton sealing machine speeds up the process of packaging, giving the business an opportunity to handle high-volume operations.

Product Safety

As the goal is to deliver products safely to the clients, replacing the manual operation with an edge carton sealing machine is only a logical step. The safety aspect not only plays well for the customers, but it also benefits a business, as transit failures would also affect the reputation of a company. An edge carton sealing machine ensures the boxes are taped well enough to withstand any transit pressure.

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