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Automatic Strapping Machine market demand & growth factors

With the rising use of automation across industries, there has been a significant increase in
the demand for semi-automatic and automatic strapping machines. With automatic strapping
machines employed in the packaging industry, not only have labor costs reduced
significantly, but they are also responsible for allowing standardization and uniformity in
As the global strapping machine market continues to grow, there are several factors
responsible for driving the demand for automatic strapping machines.

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1) Rising Demand for Industrial Automation

With industrial automation steadily making its way into industries across the globe, there has
been a sharp increase in demand for semi-automatic and fully automatic strapping machines.
As the manufacturing industries, including the food and beverage industry, expand, there is
an extensive need for packaging, which explains the demand for automatic strapping
machines, which, in turn, save labor costs and boost productivity.

2) High Growth Potential in Emerging Economies

Emerging economies have accounted for almost two-thirds of the world GDP, apart from more
than half of the new consumption, over the last 15 years. With emerging economies like
India, China, Russia, and the UAE reflect high growth, and the use of automation becomes
imperative. In such a case, automatic strapping machines meet thriving demand.

3) Cost Savings

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Automatic strapping machines significantly reduce labor time and effort, which has a direct
bearing on the cost incurred for labor. Automation also results in less breakage and fewer
damages, thus reducing the cost spent on raw material, since the machine will cut the strap
exactly where required and avoid wastage.

4) Increased Productivity

Given the high-volume nature of an automatic strapping machine, it typically operates at 60
straps per minute on a production line. This number is significantly higher than what is
achieved when labor is employed to perform the task using a handheld device. With a
fully automatic strapping machine, workers can adjust the tension on the machine in no time
and therefore enable product wrapping with precise tension every time.

5) Lifestyle

Owing to the consistent change in consumer habits and lifestyle in the last few years, there
has been a growth in disposable income. This, in turn, has led to the growth of the food and
beverage industry to a considerable extent. Due to the rapid growth of food-delivery
platforms because of many lifestyle changes, there has been a spike in the demand for
automatic strapping machines.

Final Words:-

In addition to the above-mentioned factors, operator safety, a quick return on investment and
safety of the workers are some other factors that drive the demand for automatic strapping

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