Online Strapping Machine - PR-102 A

The PR 102A Automatic Box Strapping Machine has a PLC control board and thus can be connected with other machines on an unmanned packaging line.

It has a high stability rate and can auto detect, package and transmit packages up to 100kgs with ease and reliability.

For times when you need careful packaging, the machine can also be operated manually with the hand switches.

This machine’s power rollers are chrome plated and heavy packages also glide on it effortlessly thus making your packaging process smoother.

Technical Specification

Power 3 Phase, 440 V, AC motor
Strap Width 9, 12, 15 mm
Strapping Tension 0-70 Kg (Adjustable)
Strapping Speed A A A  2.4 sec/strap
BoxA  Size L~200- (a %750)H(a % 500) mm
Top Thickness 3 mm Stainless Steel
Box Weight capacity 100 Kg max
Machine Size L1580A—W620A—H1420mm
Machine weight NW-280 Kg
Arch 1. Standard Size: Width 800mm X Height 600mm (inner size)
2. Material :aluminum alloy frame (It’s possible to customize the size.)
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  • PLC control, stable performance
  • Automatic detection, automatic packaging, automatic transmission, high efficiency work
  • It can be used alone or be connected with unmanned packing line
  • Power Rollers Chrome Plated
  • Auto Strap Feeding
  • PLC control-SIEMENS
  • Contactor-French Schneider
  • Buttoni French TE
  • Relayi French Schneideri
  • Motori Chinese MEIWA
  • Sensor and Proximity Switch-P+ F (German)