Pet/PP Strap Hand Tools - Sealer C5004/C5015 (off-set type)

This range of manual strapping sealer has a superior quality long handle that provides excellent grip while operation.

The strap sealer can be used to seal PET straps having widths 12mm to 19mm. This sealer is used in combination with Manual strapping devices to achieve superior levels of packaging.

Technical Specification

  • High quality long handle (17″) PET strapping sealer
  • C5004 for 12mm PET straps. use with GP 12 gripper seals
  • C5005 for 15mm PET straps. Use with GP 12 gripper seals
  • C5015 for 19mm Pet straps thickness from 0.8 mm up
  • Make:- YBICO/PackRight