Consumables - BOPP Tapes

What is Bopp tape And Where BOPP tape is used?

Bopp self adhesive tape is mostly used for sealing heavy carton boxes. So that they can be sealed properly for transportation and storage of goods. This Bopp packing tape has many advantages, it has very high holding power which makes it best for packaging and transportation. Plus, its surface is easy to print on, making it best for packaging.

What is Bopp tape made of?

Bopp adhesive tape is made of thermoplastic polymers, they can be used at any temperature. The strength of the tape is very high which is why it is used for packaging. Bopp tape full form is Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene.

Is BOPP tape biodegradable?

Global Packaging offers Eco-friendly Tapes. For more information click here. We are the leading bopp tape manufacturer in Mumbai.

Manufacturing process of bopp tapes:

  1. First, the polypropylene plastic is fed into the machine, then thin sheets are formed from it.
  2. A heated synthetic rubber bond is then applied to the Bopp film sheets, which gives the tape excellent holding power.
  3. After the glue is applied to the entire tape sheet and the roll is made and cut by the machine. 

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Bopp tape specification:

The superior quality adhesive provides high adhesion strength ensuring that the cartons are sealed and pilfer-proof. The different types of BOPP tapes available are brown and transparent.

Size 12mm to 72mm
Thickness 45/50micron
Length 65/650meters
Type Brown/ Transparent