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Automatic Strapping Machine - PR-0860 AC

The PR-0860 AC automatically straps the Boxes , increasing labor productivity. Automatic feeding of strap inside the machine increases strapping speed and hence better packaging output, which helps achieving production targets. PR-0860 AC works on 3-CAM technology and has an advanced PCB control system . High quality of mechanical wearing parts and heavy duty strapping head facilities lesser breakdowns and long-life of the machine.

Technical Specification

Power 3 Phase, 430 V , AC motor
Strap Width 9, 12, 15,19 mm (Adjustable)
Strapping Tension 0-70 Kg (Adjustable)
Strapping Speed A A A  2.4 sec/strap, 25 path/cycle
BoxA  Size L 200- a z W (a % 750)H(a %500) mm
Top Thickness 3 mm Stainless SteelA 
Box Weight capacity 80 Kg max
Machine Size L 1476 X W 689 X H 1644 mm
Machine weight NW-240 Kg
Arch 1. Standard Size: Width 850mm X Height 600mm
2. Material:aluminum alloy
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  • Automatic Strapping
  • Roller for the easy moment of boxes
  • Contactor - Schneider
  • Extra Hardened Wearing Parts

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